Wall of Courage

This wall of courage is in honor of those we love, the survivors who exemplify strength and courage

And in memory of our loved ones whose memories live on forever.

Jeanne Kerens

Daniel Frydrych

Kim Davies

Emiko Hopson

Susan Scalise

Gail Champion

In memory of Kimmy

Helena’s Kids Fight4Cancer   

Syble Story

Guna Morrolla

Dawn Lopes

Shanta Sebastian

Audrey Bell

Evelyn Stoll

Linda Cone

Phyllis Hetrick

Sure Yost

Donna Chase

Ethel Arbuckel

Linda Sullivan

Dennis Walton

Phyllis Logan

Darlene Gant

The butterfly is so elegant and beautiful she is the essence and embodiment. She teaches grace and tenderness, the awareness and energy of another way of being