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New Book Helps Cancer Patients Navigate Emotional Journey

“Breast Cancer: Tips and Tricks from Two Survivors” addresses the emotional side of cancer

(January 14, 2022) – Navigate a path from a newly diagnosed cancer patient to survivor, and even a thriver. The new book release – Breast Cancer: Tips and Tricks from Two Survivors by Phyllis Mikolaitis and Peggie D. Sherry provides practical first-hand life experience. The authors are survivors of multiple cancer battles and have worked with over 12,000 patients.

Inspired by their emotional journeys and lessons learned, they supply insights to help you avoid pitfalls and take steps to thrive after cancer. In everyday language, they share engaging stories and answer questions you didn’t know or were afraid to ask.

“It is terrifying to hear the doctor say, “You have cancer,” said Phyllis Mikolaitis, co-author. “Unfortunately, no one is truly prepared for what comes next.”

“There are no classes like they have for pregnancy, and your medical providers don’t have the time to walk you through the emotional side of cancer,” said Peggie D. Sherry, co-author. “In many cases, stress and anxiety are missed or glossed over by medical providers. Yet, your personal mindset has a significant impact on your experience and recovery.”

The eye-catching covers highlight the artwork of visionary artist Lisa Scholder. The front cover is Coleen, and the back cover is Gil. Both cancer survivors who participated in our Bodies of Courage Art Project, which body painted cancer survivors.

Details: The book is available on Amazon in the paperback version for $14.99 and the Kindle version for $4.99. The book is the perfect gift for a newly diagnosed patient or caregiver. A FREE PDF download of the book is available to cancer survivors on the Faces of Courage Website homepage. The authors wrote the book as a labor of love and are donating 100% of the profits to to help other cancer patients.

About Faces of Courage: Faces of Courage Foundation, Inc. is a Nationally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit cancer patient support organization dedicated to providing, free of charge, programs emphasizing practical education, life coping strategies, and improved self-esteem through non-threatening, engaging, and recreational outings and camps, including culturally relevant programs for minorities, which encourage a sense of “community” rather than isolation, with a primary goal of helping the cancer patient navigate their way through the treatment process and to thrive as a  survivor.  

Faces of Courage provides day outings, educational workshops, virtual programming, and medically supervised overnight camps for adults and children starting at two years of age with all types of cancers. Faces of Courage is the first organization in the Nation to tailor a women’s weekend camp for minority cancer survivors and is considered a leader in minority outreach and education. Faces of Courage is based in Tampa, Florida, but it draws cancer survivors from all over the United States and neighboring countries.


Media contact information:

Phyllis Mikolaitis (703) 819-5872 or Peggie D. Sherry (813) 948-7478

Faces of Courage Foundation

10006 Cross Creek Blvd. 519

Tampa, FL 33647

“Breast Cancer: Tips and Tricks from Two Survivors” is Getting Some Press

In case you missed Faces of Courage Founder and co-author, Peggie Sherry, talks with Linda Hurtado about her newly released book “Breast Cancer: Tips and Tricks from Two Survivors.” 

Faces of Courage Founder and co-author, Peggie Sherry, talks with Linda Burhans, host of Connect Caregivers Radio, about the fight against breast cancer and her newly released book “Breast Cancer: Tips and Tricks from Two Survivors.” 


During Cancer Awareness Month, Peggie Sherry Joined an A-List Panel to Discuss Cancer Care

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