Angel Book Club

Join The Angel Book Club!​

Donate a book at cost and help someone navigate the cancer experience.

  • Books are $5 apiece.
  • Faces of Courage will pay for shipping and handling.       
  • You can donate one (1) book or one hundred (100) or more!
  • When you donate twenty (20) books or more we will add a bookplate to the inside label with your name on it. See the accompanying image for what that will look like.
  • Most importantly, your gift will show cancer patients that they are cared about and not alone on their journey, which means the world. Thank you!
Faces Of Courage Book Angel Club Bookplate

Close-Up of the bookplate. Art by TreeCycled Crafts.

Example of a bookplate from the Faces of Courage Angel Book Club Donor Pledge

Example of the bookplate inside of a donated book.

front cover to book Breast Cancer Tips and Tricks
Phyllis Mikolaitis Board Member of Faces of Courage Foundation
Co-Author Phyllis Mikolatis
Peggie Sherry CEO Faces of Courage
Co-Author Peggie Sherry
ABOUT THE BOOK – Inspired by lessons learned throughout their emotional journeys with breast cancer, authors and advocates Phyllis Mikolatis and Peggie Sherry help you avoid pitfalls and take steps to thrive after cancer. In everyday language, they share engaging stories and answer questions you didn’t know or were afraid to ask.

Thanks For Spreading The Love!

Thank you for your generous contribution. Donations from Angel Book Club members provide inspiration and information to cancer patients in all phases of their challenging journey. It will offer insights to illuminate their paths and assist them on their challenging journey from diagnosis to surviving and thriving.
Thank You!
Mardie Drolshagen
Thank You!
Sara Dodds
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Jayme Rothberg
Thank You!
Dr. Fenee & Hassie Russ
Thank You!
Phyllis Mikolatis
Thank You!
Alan A
Thank You!
TBCCN Moffitt
Thank You!
Larry Brooks
Thank You!
Gerry-Corbett Foundation
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Donald Pearson
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